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COMMON CORE ASSESSMENTS IN WORLD HISTORYActivities specifically designed to address Common Core standards


By Jon Burack. Designed to measure and promote students' command of the skills described in the Common Core History/Social Studies Reading Standards, these assessments also develop students' key literacy and historical thinking skills as they master the content covered in their world history coursework. Crafted to correspond to one of the nine standards, each assessment presents a written primary source—at times accompanied by additional visual and written primary sources or brief excerpts from secondary sources—with explanatory text to put sources in context. After examining the documents, assessment questions require students to support their answers using specific textual evidence. The book contains two versions of each lesson—one that addresses Common Core State Standards for grades 5–8 and one for grades 9–12—as well as two writing assignments based on two of the College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards for Writing. 8" x 11". MindSparks. 30–60 pages each. ©2014–15.

Subset contents:

  • Ancient History: Early Humans, Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Hebrews, Ancient Greece, Ancient India, Ancient China, Ancient Rome
  • Medieval–Scientific Revolution: The Rise and Spread of Islam, Medieval China, Medieval Europe, Shogun Japan, Renaissance Art and Architecture, The Reformation, The Age of Exploration, The Scientific Revolution
  • French Revolution–20th Century: The French Revolution, The Industrial Revolution, 19th-Century Nationalism, Imperialism, World War I, World War II, The Holocaust, Soviet Communism and the West
Titles in this series:

QuantityOrder CodeISBNMedia/ContentPrice
HS920-WBMS COMPLETE SET: 24 reproducible activity books $564.95
HS870-WBMS ANCIENT HISTORY—COMPLETE SET: 8 reproducible activity books $189.60
HS880-WBMS 9781575963952 MEDIEVAL–SCIENTIFIC REVOLUTION—COMPLETE SET: 8 reproducible activity books $189.60
HS890-WBMS 9781575964058 FRENCH REVOLUTION–20TH CENTURY—COMPLETE SET: 8 reproducible activity books $189.60

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